• From Electric Motorcycles to Electric Dirt Bikes

    The Buckeye Current Motorsports team is in the middle of a big transition. Traditionally, the team has designed, manufactured and raced an electric motorcycle on Pike’s Peak or on the Isle of Man, often called one of the most dangerous racing events in the world. | LEARN MORE
  • Camp CAR Goes Virtual

    In keeping with The Ohio State University’s stance on summer camps, and out of an abundance of caution, CAR will not be able to host our week-long, in-person day camp as we had hoped. In its place, we're excited to host a virtual experience on Wednesday,... | LEARN MORE
  • System Diagnostics for Smarter, Safer Vehicles

    When the “check engine” light illuminates, drivers take their cars to a repair shop and a repair technician fixes the problem. But how did the vehicle recognize a fault? Through system diagnostics. “Diagnosis is more or less about recognizing... | LEARN MORE
  • Assistant Professor Aims to Build Better Batteries

      We use batteries in our cars, in our phones, in our computers, and in countless other common household objects. But the simple battery is a complex feat of chemistry and engineering, a feat that Dr. Jung-Hyun Kim, assistant professor in the Department... | LEARN MORE
  • Pedestrian Trajectory Data Receives International Attention

    There are constantly new studies and reports coming out about autonomous and connected vehicles and how they interact with other vehicles, traffic lights, and even the roads they are driving on via underground cables, but it is equally important to... | LEARN MORE
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