Working with CAR

At the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) we provide faculty with the right tools to advance their careers and assist with their research, giving them an edge in this competitive field.

“CAR is unique in the way it connects the academia with the industry. It does not put any constraints on the nature of the basic research conducted by the faculty and the students, and yet it perfectly facilitates the utilization of the resulting basic insights in solving the most relevant problems facing the automotive industry.”

Emre Koksal
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Why work with CAR?

  • Business development resources and opportunities
  • Easy integration into state-wide initiatives (Smart Columbus)
  • Consortium Membership
  • Pre and post award support
  • Administrative support

My Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research regularly capitalizes on the unique experimental facilities of CAR. The hemi-anechoic chamber is an exceptional resource that the lab employs in our acoustics studies."                                                         

Ryan L. Harne
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

"I have always enjoyed working with CAR due to the incredible staff that assists in assuring our research projects with both NHTSA and industry run smoothly.  I know with CAR’s support I can focus on the research, while CAR will handle many of the other requirements necessary with research grants and contracts.  I have also always admired the opportunities they provide for students at Ohio State.  Through research associated with CAR I have had the opportunity to discover some of my hardest working most successful graduate students."

John Bolte
​Injury Biomechanics Research Center


Connect With Us

If you are interested in working with CAR or learning more about what we have to offer, please contact David Cooke, Senior Associate Director at