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Director's Welcome


Mobility has been a key element in the evolution of society. Today, we are at the forefront of a wave of change that is affecting the mobility and transportation industry in ways that we could not have envisioned even at the turn of the century. The momentous improvements we are seeing today are comparable only to the changes that occurred during the 19-20th century, when technology advanced from the horse and carriage to internal combustion engines.

In the midst of this rapidly changing environment, the Center for Automotive Research aims to facilitate the evolution of transportation. With focus on research and education, CAR explores solutions that concern the technological aspects of mobility, with topics ranging from energy efficiency and environmental impact to vehicle intelligence, autonomy and safety.

Yet, in addition to its technological advancements, CAR strives to position mobility within social and behavioral contexts. As a result, the center’s automotive engineers have formed relationships with faculty and researchers that specialize in city and regional planning, health sciences, transportation systems, geography, business and public policy.

In its efforts to change the scene of today’s mobility, CAR engages 50 full-time staff, 80 graduate students and over 30 faculty across The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. These individuals execute the center’s mission to address the full breadth and depth of new, technology-based solutions—all with the goal of improving the future of transportation as we know it.

We are pleased to have you as a partner.


Giorgio Rizzoni

Director, Center for Automotive Research

Ford Motor Chair in Electromechanical Systems
Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering