Over the past year, Ohio State’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR) engaged with more than 2473 individuals and conducted virtual and in-person events including tours, camps and other outreach activities.


2020 CAR Outreach Statistics:

  • Hosted 305 K-12 students for virtual and in-person events 
  • Assisted three companies with student recruitment (Cummins, GM, Schaffler)
  • Welcomed visitors,  both virtually and in person, from 14 countries (Australia, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Turkey, India, Qatar, China,  Brazil)


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Click here for the 2020 CAR Outreach Report

For more information contact Outreach and Events Manager Jen Humphrey at humphrey.113@osu.edu

Media Contact

All media inquiries should be directed to Marketing and Communication Specialist, Colleen Herr at herr.40@osu.edu.  

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