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Administrative Services provides fiscal and human resources support services to departmental faculty, staff and students. See below for related forms*, policies, and other information.   

*All procurement/fiscal forms and nearly all HR forms can be filled in electronically and printed out. Use this capability whenever possible to facilitate ease and speed of processing, as well as to improve accuracy.

For fiscal matters, contact and for HR matters, contact

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Travel reimbursement instructions for both visiting guests who have been offered reimbursement for some portion of travel costs, as well as CAR students and employees seeking travel reimbursement.

Travel reimbursement involves a two step process, submission and approval of estimated travel costs before travel and a second form detailing actual costs following travel.

Our department follows the Ohio State travel policy. This policy seeks to reimburse the "lowest reasonable" travel expenses incurred. Thus the reimbursement amount will match the most cost effective method of travel (airfare, rental car, personal automobile). The total reimbursement allowed may be limited, so please confirm this limit with the unit contact or supervisor prior to paying any travel costs. As a general rule, meal costs are not reimbursed, though per diem rates may be available for university students/employees per supervisor approval.

  • Step one, before travel
    • Pre-trip: prior to your travel to Ohio State. All travel must be preapproved to qualify for reimbursement. This is accomplished with the pre-trip worksheet. An Ohio State employee must have written approval from his/her supervisor prior to travel.
    • Pre-trip worksheet
      Submit this form to at least two weeks prior to traveling to the university. Failure to submit this form before traveling will require submission of an exception petition form after travel.
    • Rental car: Ohio State discount code and procedure (requires login)
      If renting a car as part of travel to or from CAR, policy requires that this be done by way of the university rental car agreement with either Enterprise or National. While less expensive rentals may be available, the Ohio State agreements include insurance coverage required by the university. Rentals made with non-contracted rental car agencies must adhere to the university travel policy (see "Rental Car Services"). Those rentals made that do not meet the policy may not be reimbursed.
  • Step two, after travel
    • Post-trip: submit both forms within 30 days of travel
    • Form one: post-trip worksheet
    • Use this form to detail the amounts to be reimbursed and the business purpose for each amount. Attach original receipts.
    • Form two: AP Compliance form / W9
    • This form is for non-university employees, which includes guests and Ohio State students not currently employed by the university. NOTE: traveler must sign this form; form asks for SSN, therefore do not email the form submit but rather print and mail it to the address below. Center for Automotive Research, ATTN: Fiscal Office, 930 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212
    • Original hard-copy receipts for any amounts to be reimbursed must accompany the post-trip paperwork. This information is to be submitted no later than 30 days after the travel dates. Submit hardcopies in the CAR finance mailbox or mail to above address.

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