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The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) is dedicated to studying innovative solutions that affect future transportation and mobility. Researchers approach their work with the knowledge that tomorrow's mobility will be affected by energy and environmental consequences, safety, information and communication systems, and lifestyle and consumer choices.

As a pre-eminent research center for sustainable and safe mobility, CAR aims to prepare the next generation of automotive industry leaders. With an interdisciplinary emphasis on systems engineering, collaborative product development projects, and a balance of government and privately-sponsored research, CAR functions as conduit between classroom learning and hands-on experience for more than 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate students.

In addition to its rich research offerings, CAR provides the following educational programs to equip students and professionals alike with the specialized knowledge needed for innovation in the industry:


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Student Focus


Students graduate with applied skills and theoretical knowledge

Future Mobility


Driverless vehicles are designed and tested at CAR.