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Student Offerings

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) is dedicated to studying innovative solutions that affect future transportation and mobility. Researchers approach their work with the knowledge that tomorrow's mobility will be affected by energy and environmental consequences, safety, information and communication systems, and lifestyle and consumer choices.

As a pre-eminent research center for sustainable and safe mobility, CAR aims to prepare the next generation of automotive industry leaders. With an interdisciplinary emphasis on systems engineering, collaborative product development projects and a balance of government and privately-sponsored research, CAR functions as a conduit between classroom learning and hands-on experience for more than 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate students.

Graduate Students

Degree Obtaining Students

  • MS and PhD Students
    • GRA Opportunities
      • CAR offers a number of GRA opportunities. For additional information, speak to a faculty member in your area of interest.
    • Graduate Specialization in Automotive Systems Mobility (GS-ASM)
      • The GS-ASM provides an opportunity to acquire specialized training, unique skills and real-world experience in the students area of interest. The program enhances a MS or PhD degree with a focus on automotive systems and smart mobility.        

Non-Degree Obtaining Students

  • Continuing Education 
    • CAR's continuing education opportunities provide engineering professionals with the cutting-edge knowledge that is required for innovation in the automotive industry—all without the full commitment of a master’s program.
      • Certificate Programs
      • Seminars
  • Visiting Scholars*
    • CAR offers the following opportunities for visiting scholars. For additional information, speak to a faculty member in your area of interest.
      • MS thesis
      • Post-MS research experience
      • PhD dissertation year or semester abroad
      • Post doctoral research experience

*scholarships or other funding may be available for these opportunities

Undergraduate Students

  • Engineering Honors Program
    • ​The Honors Program at Ohio State is designed to meet the needs of students with superior academic ability and to promote scholarly development throughout their college careers. Honors students can optimize the use of their creative abilities and develop a sustaining interest in advanced education and research. 
  • Part-Time Research Position
    • CAR offers a number of part-time research positions. For additional information, speak to a faculty member or researcher in your area of interest.
  • Combined BS/MS Degree Program
    • ​The combined degree program provides an opportunity to double-count credit from undergraduate studies towards a graduate degree in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Nuclear Engineering. 
  • Summer Internship Program
    • ​CAR hosts a limited number of college students for an eight week summer internship program. Interns gain experience working on an automotive project led by a CAR researcher or faculty member. 

High School

  • Camp CAR
    • Camp CAR is a week long summer day camp intended to educate students 14-18 year old's on various aspects of engineering including automotive, simulation and manufacturing. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from CAR researchers about the latest research initiatives, complete hands on projects and even take a field trip or two! 
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