Alternating Current Dynamometer


Alternating Current Dynamometer

The Alternating Current Dynamometer is an engine test facility that mimics the load placed on the engine while it is powering a vehicle. This allows testing of the engine over its entire range of operation in a controlled environment with additional measuring systems needed for research. This includes systems to measure emissions, temperatures and the pressure in each engine cylinder.

This dynamometer allows two engines to be instrumented but only one engine can be operated at a time.


  • Four-quadrant 300 HP AC dynamometer services two engine bays
  • Modular engine bays allow engine carts to be swapped among test cells, increasing flexibility of the dyno facility
  • Horiba Mexa 7500 with V&F H2 Analyzer for measurement of gas species
  • Dual line analyzer provides two 5-gas lines plus measurement of H2 from an independent analyze
  • ETAS ES1000 Calibration system supports calibration of various ECU’s via CAN bus or ETK interface
  • dSpace MicroAutobox provides rapid-prototyping capability for developing algorithims for engine control
  • 128-Channel Data Acquisition System permits the acquisition of up to 64 analog inputs and 64 thermocouple inputs with sampling rates of up to 10 kHz
  • Laminar Flow Element mobile device provides precision measurement of air flow rate for accurate measurement of  engine air flow
  • Standard Engine Lab Hardware provides inventory of pressure transducers, UEGO sensors and other items available for research project use

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