AV900 High Power Direct Current Test Bench


AV900 High Power Direct  Current Test Bench


The AV900 High Power Direct Current Test Bench has a high power direct current power supply capable of providing up to 900v of electric power. It can be used to test battery packs and can also behave like a battery pack when you connect it to the electric power system of a vehicle. It works in conjunction with the heavy duty dynamometer test cell to serve as a battery emulator.



  • Power cycling of large battery modules and full vehicle battery packs 
  • Super capacitor testing
  • Battery evaluation to support testing of motors, inverters and other EV components
  • High Voltage DV power supply/load support testing of miscellaneous electrical equipment

Major equipment available:

  • AV 900-DC Power supply/load
  • Environmental chambers up to 36 cubic feet
  • CAN control of automotive systems
  • Extensive data acquisition (electrical, thermal and mechanical instrumentation)


  • -250 to +250 kW
  • 900 V dc
  • -1000 to +1000 Adc
  • Two channels with parallel of independent operation for concurrent testing 
  • Environmental chambers of various sizes to meet project needs
  • 24 hr/day continuous durability testing cycles

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AV900 High Power Direct Current Test Bench
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