Buckeye AutoDrive Team Components

Perception Team

This team deals with developing the computer vision for the autonomous vehicle. Everything from general object detection, to lane detection, to traffic light detection, the perception team develops the algorithms necessary for the car to perceive and react to its environment.

Software Integration Team

This team is in charge of developing all the necessary framework for taking the Perception team’s pipeline and integrating it onto the actual vehicle. This includes pre and post processing of the data being sent into the perception pipeline and out of it to make sure the rest of systems on the autonomous vehicle are receiving the inputs they need. As the project expands, the responsibility for any pre or post processing needs from newly formed sub-teams will fall to this team.

CAN Team

This team is in charge of all things to do with the CAN bus of the autonomous vehicle. This includes developing the code necessary to properly interconnect all the microcontrollers and perception blocks of our system, checking to make sure actuator commands are properly being sent to the actuators of our autonomous vehicle and troubleshooting any issues that may arise, and finally working with the hardware team to physically connect the CAN bus to all the components of our system.

Planning and Control Team

This team will be in charge of developing the controllers needed for the autonomous vehicle and it is also in charge of developing all the planning functions, localizations functions, and execution functions that are needed for these controllers to run effectively. This includes creating the behavioral planner, the motion planner, and the localization components of the autonomous vehicle.

Hardware Integration Team

This team is in charge of installing all the necessary computer hardware, controller hardware, mountings, wiring, and sensors that are needed for the autonomous vehicle. This also involves designing and fabricating any necessary components both mechanical and electrical that are needed in the design of the autonomous vehicle.

Safety Team

This team is in charge of preventing any potential hazards that could affect any part of the autonomous vehicle. This involves working with every other sub team to make sure they are following the safety regulations set for their parts of the project. This team is also in charge of developing the overall pipeline of the autonomous features of the autonomous vehicle and making sure that each of the other sub-teams are interfacing well on a technical level.

Project Management Team

This team is in charge of keeping all the other sub-teams on track with development. This involves keeping track of milestones, creating a plan for communication among all the sub teams, a plan for making decisions, and generally managing the financial needs, leadership and purchasing for the team as a whole.

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