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Business and Economic Development

Whether working jointly with startup businesses or international industry leaders, the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) provides its collaborators with a distinguished vantage point over the automotive industry.

With numerous research facilities and resources, CAR guarantees industry partners an in-depth view of the most current and groundbreaking developments in the automotive industry. And in addition to its engineers’ enthusiasm for research, the center has strong ties that expand beyond The Ohio State University—with a reach throughout the Central Ohio region.

With this unique combination of resource and connection, it is no surprise that CAR has drawn numerous transportation industry entrepreneurs and suppliers to the central Ohio region, in addition to its collaboration with a number of major industry leaders such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Honda of Americas Inc.

While striving for innovation, CAR offers both industry and government entities the chance to partake in original, precompetitive research that spans a range of diverse automotive topics. These consortia conduct research in response to industry need, and as such, their members investigate the trends that will impact the scope of automotive innovations in the time to come. CAR’s consortia offer opportunities to team with other automotive influencers, work with emerging engineering talent and utilize a range of research and testing facilities.

CAR has also bridged relations with industry suppliers in its cost-effective, highly efficient testing resources. With its Testing, Engineering and Software Development Services, CAR is not just a valuable industry connector—it’s a contributor to product development and optimization.

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