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CAR Seminar: Hybrid/Turbo-Electric Activities and Experience at Georgia Tech

Thursday, January 24, 2019, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

CAR, Room 198
930 Kinnear Rd.

Featured Presenter:
Chris Perullo, M.S.
Senior Research Engineer
Aerospace Systems Design Lab
Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Hybrid/Turbo-Electric Activities and Experience at Georgia Tech
An overview of hybrid electric modeling activities at Georgia Tech will be provided with an emphasis on work related to the OSU led University Leadership Initiative (ULI) project on Electric Propulsion: Challenges and Opportunities. A background on the pros and cons of using electrified propulsion for aerospace will be discussed, followed by examples of prior and current trade studies. Considerations such as lifecycle energy consumption and CO2 will also be presented.

About Chris Perullo:
Chris Perullo is a Senior Research Engineer at the Aerospace Engineering Design Lab in the School of Aerospace at Georgia Tech. His research focuses on conceptual design and analysis of next-generation air-breathing propulsion systems including hybrid-electric, turbo-electric, open rotors, and advanced combined cycle applications. He has performed numerous technology trade and assessment studies for NASA, the FAA, and industry partners and has been instrumental in transitioning advanced tools and techniques to industry partners. Chris is also heavily involved in the application of advanced machine learning algorithms to the power generation industry focused on monitoring and diagnostics of gas turbine power plants.


Pizza will be provided!