Technology Takes the Wheel: What Can My Car Do?



Smart cars are not just a dream. They’re here today. Nearly all (96%) of 2020 vehicle models came equipped with at least one advanced driver assistance system. What are these systems? What can they do for drivers? These are questions that many are faced with when they get behind the wheel of a newer model car. This event will answer these questions and more by outlining and demonstrating features on vehicles today and taking a look at what’s possible in the future. Technology Takes the Wheel® is a free, educational seminar series that explores autonomous vehicles and their societal impacts. These events are presented by AAA, The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research, the Transportation Research Center, Columbus State Community College, DriveOhio, and Smart Columbus.



  • Greg Brannon, Director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations, AAA
  • Tabitha Colter, Director of Operations, PAVE (Partners for Automated Vehicle Education)
  • Taylor Manahan, Manager of Business Development, Transportation Research Center Inc.


  • Luke Stedke, Managing Director, Communications and Policy at DriveOhio