car charging stations
CAR is housed in a 56,000-square-foot facility located along the Technology Corridor on the university’s West Campus. Prominent features include: engine and chassis dynamometers; laboratories focusing on alternative fuel and exhaust after-treatment, combustion and flow, high voltage power electronics,
and networking and communications; battery testing, aging and characterization facilities; and high performance computing for modeling and simulation.
Ohio State’s motorsports program, dedicated to student automotive projects, is proudly headquartered at CAR. Projects include Baja SAE, Buckeye Current electric motorcycle, EcoCAR, Formula SAE, Supermileage SAE, Underwater Robotics and Venturi Buckeye Bullet.

Equipment and Facilities

Solar Panels Alternating Current Dynamometer
Vehicle Charging Stations  Direct Current Dynamometer
Hydrogen Fueling Station Light Duty Chassis Dynamometer
AV900 High Power Direct 
Current Test Bench
Heavy Duty Chassis Dynamometer
Turbocharger Lab Machine Shop
Electronics Lab CAR West (video tour)
Battery Aging Lab  












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Frank Ohlemacher
Facilities Manager


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All media inquiries should be directed to Marketing and Communication Specialist, Colleen Herr at herr.40@osu.edu.  

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