CAR West


The Ohio State University CAR West facility is located just a mile down the road from CAR’s main facility at 930 Kinnear Rd. and houses the Automated Driving Lab and the Crash Imminent Safety University Transportation Center. CAR West offers full research solutions for the automotive industry starting with model in the loop and hardware in the loop simulation and ending with road testing at the Transportation Research Center proving grounds and public road deployment in Smart Columbus of ADAS, connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

Researchers at CAR West also work on reducing the severity of human injuries in auto accidents by looking closely at what happens in the final seconds before vehicle collisions, considering human factors and injury biomechanics.

Labs and Facilities

High Performance Electric Drive Systems Lab
Turbocharger Lab
Electronics Lab
CAR West
Light Duty Chassis Dynamometer
Direct Current Dynamometer
Alternating Current Dynamometer
AV900 High Power Direct Current Test Bench
Vehicle Charging Stations