Heavy Duty Chassis Dynamometer


The Heavy Duty Chassis Dynamometer provides accurate road-load and grade simulation for testing Class 4-8 vehicles. In addition to providing dynamometer functions for commercial vehicles, there are also exhaust gas emission measurement features and an electric power system which can emulate a battery. 


  • Testing and validating of high powerered electric traction motors and inverters
  • Development and testing of heavy duty electrical transaxles
  • Development and testing of medium to heavy duty internal combustion engines


  • Two 1700 RPM max 1000 HP dynamometers
  • 6000 RPM max Lebow in-line torque sensor, 100,000 lb/in
  • Dyne System digital dynamometer controller
  • Axel load supports up to 30,000 lbs per axel or 60,000 lbs per tandem with max speed of 70 mph


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