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CAR Consortium Membership Information

Key Research Areas

Fuel economy

The CAR Consortium Membership program focuses on the current vehicular propulsion technologies and the development of innovative solutions for decreasing vehicle fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. CAR researchers combine multidisciplinary expertise in thermo-fluid systems, design, modeling and simulation, system integration and control, and leverage the CAR experimental facilities for testing, characterization, prototyping and verification of hardware.


  • Internal combustion engine systems model-based control, rapid prototyping and experimental verification
  • Powertrain systems integration, energy management and harvesting, model-based control
  • Electrified propulsion systems integration, optimization, energy management and control
  • Energy storage systems experimental characterization (cell to pack), prototyping, first principle
  • Modeling, control, fault diagnosis, prognosis and life estimation

Vehicle safety, autonomy and connectivity

The CAR Consortium Membership program focuses on the development, implementation, road testing and large scale implementation evaluation of vehicle active safety systems, advanced driver assistance systems, highly automated driving, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication and connected vehicles.

CAR is expert in modeling and simulation, track simulation, control theory and application, sensor integration and data fusion, vehicle wireless network communication and vehicle automation. The research in this area leverages CAR experimental automated vehicles, vehicular communication laboratory facilities and driving simulators.


  • Road vehicle active safety systems like electronic stability control, rollover warning and avoidance, collision warning and avoidance
  • Crash imminent safety
  • Advanced driver assistance systems like automatic parking, lane change assistance, overtake assistance, adaptive cruise control, cooperative adaptive cruise control
  • Highly automated driving technology
  • Connected vehicles
  • Cybersecurity

Contact and more information

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