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Company Attraction and Co-location

Companies who relocate to work with the Center for Automotive Research capitalize on a range of benefits offered by both The Ohio State University and the Central Ohio region.

The Ohio State University Resources

Upon relocation, automotive companies will be able to take advantage of the resources provided by The Ohio State University. In addition to being the home base for CAR, the university’s West Campus Technology Corridor ensures that all companies’ research needs are satisfied. Rev1 Ventures, Edison Welding Institute and other resources in the direct vicinity aim to support automotive research and related product development.

In addition to their research needs being met, relocated companies are granted access to a highly sought-after pool of potential employees. Upon graduation, engineering graduates that have worked with CAR have been exposed to both academic and industry elements of the automotive field. And as CAR’s program is truly unique in the experience it grants its students, the center also draws visiting scholars who may take interest in a co-located company’s work. As these students and scholars take advantage of CAR’s offerings, they develop a technical skill set that far exceeds their engineering peers’ at other institutions.

Central Ohio Industry Network

Additionally, beyond the university’s resources, there lies a hub of innovation. The Central Ohio region encompasses a network of companies which collaborate in their research efforts. CAR has explored a range of connections in this network, and will continue to do so as it strives to create regional economic growth.

Companies relocating to the area are not without support, as surrounding organizations comprise a strong network of industry commonality that complements—and even builds upon—their current endeavors. TechColumbus and Ohio Third Frontier are just two examples of the type of technological guardianship that takes place in the state, and CAR partners have enjoyed success while collaborating with these overseers.

Venture Capitalist Exposure

The Center for Automotive Research has earned an international reputation for its excellence in work and experience. Companies which relocate to work with the center do not just compete for grants. Rather, they are offered the chance to present their services and developments to venture capitalists who are seeking their next investment opportunity.

For companies in close proximity, CAR is a conduit between investors and existing suppliers and product launchers. While working within the center’s extensive network, companies are not just able to find support from their industry counterparts—they’re connected with individuals who have sway in the commercial industry at large.

The Center for Automotive Research is more than an academic center; it’s a hotbed of industry and academic collaboration. Located in the central Ohio hub of innovation, CAR promotes the development of industry partnerships that are beneficial beyond research purposes—the center aspires that these relationships yield results for their partner companies.