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Company Startup

Whether they are collaborating with international corporations or small businesses, the engineers at the Center for Automotive Research promise both passion and expertise in the work they conduct with industry partners.

Boasting a diverse array of resources, CAR provides startup companies with a unique industry access point. With creative, enthusiastic engineers, the CAR team can assist in transforming a preliminary research idea into a full-fledged, market-ready product. And in addition to these development services, CAR has intimate ties with business leaders in the industry at large. Having conducted research with companies such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, General Motors in addition to its work with numerous government agencies, CAR is unmatched in its ability to close the gap between product development and investor delivery.

Pairing the right people with the right resources has proven key in CAR’s facilitation of startup success. Many of the center’s personnel have completed Rev1 Ventures’ training for startups (Concept Academy). These individuals know how to tap into resources to procure better service for their customers. And with its location in the West Campus Technology Corridor, CAR can collaborate with university departments whose research also relates to a company’s ambitions.

The Center for Automotive Research is singular in its ability to bring together the best experts, resources and connections for its startup partners. Yet, the CAR team contributes one additional element to the services it provides: dedication to a company’s success.

Industry innovation is at the heart of what CAR does. This serves to explain the center’s long-running history of collaboration with startups—these are companies seeking to impact the transportation industry for the better.

The Center for Automotive Research has carried out this purpose for a range of startup clientele, including Cyclone/Q2 Power, Phoenix, Simple-Fill, PlugSmart, Trilogy and Clean Fuels Ohio.