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Consortium Membership


The Consortium Membership provides a unique opportunity for industry to engage in original, highly leveraged precompetitive research in automotive and transportation systems, with a focus on advanced propulsion systems; fuel economy; vehicle safety, connectivity and autonomy; and advanced driver assistance systems. To learn more about our key research areas, click here.

The Consortium provides members with:

  • The opportunity to participate in leveraged, precompetitive research
  • The opportunity to engage graduate students in preparation for future careers in the automotive industry
  • An outlet to reach undergraduate students through capstone design and other project activities
  • The opportunityy to host focused recruitment events

How it Works

New and renewed projects begin each calendar year and updates are provided to members throughout the year. A final project review is hosted by a member company in late November or early December. Following the review, deliverables (including theses, algorithms, data and simulation models) are available to members through a secure website. Members are involved in the definition of the program’s research agenda and are encouraged to participate in and steer the direction of the projects.

Project Updates

In each Membership Newsletter we will provide an update on one of more of the research projects. In addition to the newsletter, you can find those updates here:




Member Benefit







Showcase/feature members 
in CAR marketing materials
x x x
Invitation to Bi-Annual 
Executive Advisory Board 
x x x
Membership sponsored 
exploratory reporting meetings 
and access to results and 
  x x
Distance education benefits
(Pre-recorded seminar library)





Opportunity to present 
technical seminars at CAR
x x x
Opportunity to recruit CAR 
students through resume 
access, information sessions 
and meet and greet events
x x x
Corporate mentorship for 
graduate students
  x x
Input on project selection for 
exploratory research projects
Direct project selection for 
exploratory research projects                  
Consultant time with faculty 
and senior research staff 
  x x
10% Discount on Testing 
  x x


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