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Rizzoni invited speaker at first-ever Ford Global Control Conference

Giorgio Rizzoni was the invited speaker at the 2011 Ford Motor Company's First Global Control Conference, December 6-7, 2011. This first-ever conference focused on "Controls for Better, Greener, Safer, and Smarter Vehicles." Rizzoni spoke on "Educating a new generation of control engineers for the automotive industry."

Rizzoni discussed several points regarding system challenges faced by control engineers in today's automotive field and how higher education institutions could cope with the challenges associated with producing graduates adequately trained to address these issues. Efficient calibration process is one of these challenges, as well as conducting system-level diagnostics and prognostics.

Additional speakers included Davor Hrovat, HFTF-Controls; Derrick Kuzak, Group VP, PD; Stefan Jockusch, external presenter from Siemens; Paul Mascarenas, CTO, VP-R&A; and Sameer Prabhu, external presenter from MathWorks.