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Team from CAR receives TechColumbus' Outstanding Technology Team Award from among 23 nominees

Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has been selected by TechColumbus for the 2011 Outstanding Technology Team Award. The award was presented at TechColumbus' Innovation Awards, February 2, 2012.

In partnership with various Ohio companies, CAR is playing a major role in supporting the commercialization of electronic power converters (Vanner), battery thermal management (Graftech), and engine exhaust sensors (Stoneridge). These activities involve multiple faculty and research staff in the center, and have each received funding from the Ohio Third Frontier program. CAR also has a history of engaging industry in research consortia; some 30 companies are currently paying members in one of the two consortia managed by CAR.

CAR has served as an incubator for two companies that are currently housed at TechColumbus: PlugSmart and CAR Technologies LLC. In the case of PlugSmart, the center provided technical support and facilities in the form of engineering services to allow the company to strengthen its product portfolio. CAR Technologies LLC was created to translate advanced battery aging and characterization technology developed at CAR.

Team members: Giorgio Rizzoni, Simona Onori, Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Yann Guezennec, John Neal

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A qualified Nominee is a team of TWO OR MORE individuals, each from at least one COMPANY, that demonstrates successful implementation or development of A SINGLE innovative technology-based initiative or technological breakthrough. The innovation(s) by the TEAM should break with conventional processes and should go beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services. Nominees need not be, but may include multi-disciplinary teams in an organization or corporation. Nominees may also be from two or more companies sharing the nomination.