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Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, visits CAR

Monday, October 8, 2012--Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, visited Ohio State's Center for Automotive Research (CAR). In attendance from Ohio State were College of Engineering Dean David B. Williams, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Chair Ahmet Selamet, CAR director Giorgio Rizzoni, professor Yann Guezennec, professor Marcello Canova and professor Shawn Midlam-Mohler. Also present were researchers and graduate students working on joint Chrysler-Ohio State projects, researchers leading battery aging projects, and students from the EcoCAR 2, Buckeye Bullet, and Formula Buckeyes SAE teams.Evan Bunner, team manager of Formula Buckeyes SAE, talks with Mr. Marchionne.

During the visit Mr. Marchionne visited CAR's light duty chassis dynamometer and hemi-anechoic chamber where he was presented an overview of DOE-Chrysler Group-CAR collaboration on improved fuel economy by vehicle accessory load management. In the high bay he learned about vehicle electrification research with aging battery studies focus. The group then moved to an adjoining lab for an overview of Chrysler Group-CAR advanced engine research collaboration. In the OSU Motorsports building the Formula Buckeyes SAE student team discussed applications of lightweight structures; OSU EcoCAR 2 student team presented their plug-in hybrid vehicle; and leaders from the Buckeye Bullet student team presented their electric land speed record vehicle and components.

Lead researchers present during the visit included Fabio Chiara and Lisa Fiorentini (DOE-Chrysler Group-CAR collaboration) and Simona Onori and Ken Dudek (vehicle electrification research). Chrysler representatives were Mike Vincent, Shawn Morgan and Bryon Wasacz.

At the conclusion of the visit, the group moved to the Wexner Center for the Arts for the evening program: Creative Engines: A Conversation with Sergio Marchionne & John C. Jay.