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EcoCAR 2 Year 2 finals: Update days four and six

Friends of EcoCAR 2:

A busy week in Yuma for the EcoCAR Teams...

Day 4, from Sarah Jadwin, Communications Manager

The team has been working non-stop trying to finish little projects and get all of the controls systems working. We had a hurdle yesterday, but with teamwork and collaboration between all three teams (engineering, business and outreach), we were able to overcome it! The team is off to a hot start today - we just passed Safety Tech, which is the first step in being able to run all of the vehicle dynamic events. We were the 4th team to do so, closely followed by Mississippi State University. Tonight we plan on running one of the longest tests on the vehicle, which is the Emissions and Energy Consumption (E&EC) Event. During the test, data is collected over a 105-mile trip on a circle track including energy consumption, well-to-wheel petroleum energy use, well-to-wheel criteria emissions and well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions.

I am about to write another blog, but here is the one from yesterday.

Part of the Safety Tech is a vehicle test drive carried out by GM test drivers – see the video here.

And Sarah’s blog here.

Day 6
Well... after completing the safety tech inspection the team proceeded to engage in the most important test: the fuel economy/emissions road test.  Unfortunately, a little over 20 miles into the drive the rear electric drive failed – reasons not clear yet, but a terminal failure that could not be fixed in a short time.  The end result is that the OSU EcoCAR could not complete the fuel economy/emissions test, and could not participate in other tests, such as acceleration and slalom.  

While the EcoCAR 2 Buckeye team will certainly not finish in the top few in total points  - the fuel economy/emissions event is the most important single event in the competition, there are still many point and prizes to be awarded, and don’t forget that the team has already received several awards.  See Sarah’s blog here.

The team has been preparing for the San Diego stage of competition, traveling from Yuma to San Diego today, and will be presenting their work Tuesday-Thursday, as follows:

10:30 Mechanical Presentation, Matt Organiscak, Eric Gallo, MAE students
1:45 Communications Presentation, Sarah Jadwin, Sarah Vasey, FCOB students
4:15 BP Sarah Vasey, FCOB student, Katherine Bovee, MAE student
9:00am The Mathworks Model Based Design Award Presentation, Katherine Bovee, Margaret Yatsko, MAE students
12:30 Control Presentation,  Katherine Bovee, Margaret Yatsko, MAE students
1:15 EP Andrew Huster, ECE student, Matt Yard, MAE student
10AM Women In Engineering Award, Margaret Yatsko, MAE student

The team is upbeat and hard at work refining their presentations.  I will be reporting live from San Diego throughout the week.

Go Bucks!
Giorgio Rizzoni