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Join us April 3: Lars Eriksson, associate professor, Linköping University presents "Modeling and Control of Turbocharged Engines"

Seminar: Lars Eriksson, associate professor, Linköping University
Date and time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Thursday, April 3, CAR seminar room 198

Modeling and Control of Turbocharged Engines
Covering recent results on modeling and analysis of turbochargers for of nominal operation. A modeling framework for extensible models for turbocharged engines is described. The methodology is applied to an analysis of surge and a control strategy is developed for surge detection and avoidance in parallel turbocharged engines. Experimental validation has been made on a car with a turbocharged V6 engine in a dynamometer.

Optimal Control of the Powertrain and Driving Trajectory of a Wheel Loader
A wheel loader is modelled and the driving profile for a gravel loading cycle is optimized using optimal control. The application gives an interesting example of how optimal control can be used to evaluate trade-offs between time and fuel consumption as well as to give insights into the design and component selection in the driveline.

Speaker biography
Lars Eriksson, PhD holds the position of Associate Professor at Linköping University since 2003. He received the M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering 1995 and a PhD in Vehicular Systems in May 1999 both from Linköping University. Since then he has been employed at Vehicular Systems, first as Assistant Professor and now as Associate Professor. During 2000 and 2001 he spent one year as a Post Doc in the Measurement and Control group at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. Eriksson is currently managing the engine laboratory at Vehicular Systems.

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