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Ohio State EcoCAR 2 is in the lead! Final Competition: Days 1 and 2


Friends of the OSU EcoCAR 2 team:

The OSU EcoCAR 2 team ( was in first place going in to the dynamic portion of the competition.  Out of 218 points associated with pre-competition written deliverables, the team earned 210 with the second place team coming in at 182.  Based on this, the team has already won $4750 in prize money based on the following:  Best Communications Plan, Best Influencer Campaign, Best Media Relations Campaign, Best Modeling and Simulation Whitepaper, Best Progress Reports, and Best Pre-Competition Technical Inspection.

On the first day of competition, the team showed up at GM’s proving grounds in Milford, MI ready to compete.  They were the first team to pass tech inspection and among only three to pass on the first day (Wayne State and Penn State.)  Going into the second day, the team will go into the On-Road Safety Event which is the last milestone before they can begin scheduling dynamic events.  If all goes well, the team plans on running a few short events today and then get the car ready for the Emissions and Energy Consumption Event which will be in the early morning on Wednesday.

The overall team standings out of the possible 218 points:
6th  with 161.55 points is Embry-Riddle
5th with 163.27 points is Colorado State
4th with 178.43 points is Virginia Tech
3rd with 182.14 points is Penn State
2nd with 182.16 points is Univ. of Washington
1st with 210.61 points is THE Ohio State University

Looks like our Buckeye Engineers and Business students are off to a great start!  More updates to follow--and check out the team blog here.

Real time update, 9:30am Tuesday – just heard that our team passed the On-Road Safety Evaluation Test, and is fully qualified to begin dynamic testing.  First team to qualify.

Go Bucks!

Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Faculty Advisor

Giorgio Rizzoni, Faculty Advisor



Friends of the OSU EcoCAR 2 team:

It was another successful day at the EcoCAR 2 Year Three Final Competition for the OSU EcoCAR team ( After successful passing tech inspection and On-Road Safety Event on Day 1, the team ran the vehicle in a number of different dynamic events at General Motor's Milford Proving Grounds including: Acceleration and Braking, Maximum Lateral Acceleration and Gradeability.

Late on Day 2, the team ran the longest and most difficult competition event: Emissions and Energy Consumption (E&EC). E&EC consists of four individual tests that are scored from data collected over a 103-mile trip on a circle track: energy consumption, well-to-wheel petroleum energy use, well-to-wheel criteria emissions and well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions. While the scores are still being calculated, the event ran very smoothly for the team!
Real-time updates can be found on the team's multiple social media sites:
Website and Blog (
Facebook (Ohio State University EcoCAR 2)
Twitter account (@osuecocar2)
Instagram: @osuecocar2

In addition, the team has started a mini-video series for final competition, which can be found on the team's YouTube channel.

​Go Bucks!
Shawn Midlam-Mohler
Faculty Advisor