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The Ohio State University Supermileage SAE vehicle team enters competition

In the culmination of a year-long experiential learning effort, Ohio State College of Engineering’s Supermileage SAE vehicle team will compete in the 2014-2015 Society of Automotive Engineers’ Supermileage competition on June 4 and 5. The team collaborated to design and construct a complete single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle. As they compete against 29 other registered student organizations, the team aims for their vehicle to travel the greatest distance on as little fuel as possible.

In collaboration with Ohio State’s Women in Engineering organization, the female-majority Supermileage SAE vehicle team seeks to provide an all-inclusive experience for individuals with engineering interests—and limited experience—to get involved in the experiential learning project. The team, which receives support from the university’s Center for Automotive Research, is the first group from Ohio State to compete in the event.

The vehicle is powered by a small, eight horsepower Briggs and Stratton go-kart engine. Weighing only 100 pounds, the vehicle’s construction borrows from the bicycle world, using the wheels and steering components of a recumbent tricycle. A body surrounds the whole structure to reduce air resistance and further increase driver safety. Ohio State students on the Supermileage SAE team will oversee the vehicle’s performance as they drive it throughout the competition.

Held in Marshall, Michigan on June 4 and 5, the competition will take place at Eaton Corporation. While providing students the opportunity to set a fuel economy record, the competition also seeks to increase public recognition of the importance of fuel efficiency. As they partake in this year’s event, the Ohio State team has the chance to win awards in Overall Performance, Design, 1st Place Newcomer, Most Visually Appealing Vehicle, Best Demonstrated Overall Team Attitude and Closest Predicted to Actual Fuel Economy.


About Motorsports at The Ohio State University
Students at The Ohio State University have the opportunity to participate in Motorsports Student Projects. This program challenges students of all majors, backgrounds, skill levels and degrees of experience to compete on one of six student teams. Applying research and classroom concepts, this experiential learning project teaches skills for designing, fabricating, racing, managing and marketing competition vehicles. This experience includes machining, engine testing, battery testing and computer aided design.

About the Supermileage SAE team at The Ohio State University
The Supermileage SAE team provides students with a challenging design project involving the development and construction of a single-person, fuel-efficient vehicle. Utilizing unleaded fuel, the goal is to build a vehicle aimed at obtaining the highest combined miles per gallon (kilometers per liter) rating plus design segment points winning the event. The team welcomes students of any major and skill level, and will compete at the Supermileage SAE competition. In collaboration with the university's Women in Engineering program, the Supermileage SAE team strives to empower engineers and provide them with a safe, no pressure platform to learn more about vehicles and gain hands on experience. With the price of gas continually increasing it is important to build fuel efficient vehicles. The SAE team endeavors to help find a solution to improve the immediate situation. In their efforts, they hope to improve cross-major cooperation and teach members teamwork while working on a practical application of their skills.

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