Motorsports recognized at College of Engineering and Knowlton School of Architecture Student Organization Recognition and Awards event

Posted: March 7, 2017

On March 1, student organizations from the College of Engineering and Knowlton School of Architecture were recognized for their leadership and profound impact on, and commitment to, service. Among the award recipients were Jeff Chrstos, recipient of the Outstanding Advisor Award and Buckeye Current, recipient of the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award.

Formula Team
From left: Jeffrey Chrstos, Caroline Kiley, Andrew Beckerich, Max Wright, and Dean Williams

Nominated by the Formula Buckeye SAE team, Chrstos was selected for this award because of the positive impact he has made on the team in the short time that he has served as their advisor.

“Jeff continues to motivate us every day and pushes us to be better than we were yesterday. He wants us to succeed just as much as we do,” said Formula team member and Mechanical Engineering student, Andrew Beckerich.

“Being an advisor for only a year and a half, receiving this award was certainly unexpected.  That the students on the Formula Buckeye team nominated me for this award is, to me, the most important and appreciated part of this honor.  I believe the students on the team and I are learning together how to become a better team and organization, which is quite rewarding,” said Chrstos.

Buckeye Current
From left: Aaronn Sergent, Quincey Patterson, Dean Williams, Rachel Hawthorn and Alex Miller

Recipient of the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award, the Buckeye Current team has developed partnerships and received sponsorship from numerous automotive companies, the largest being Bosch/Bosch Engineering Group, Honda R&D Americas, and Harley-Davidson as well as Cummins and the Edison Welding Institute.

“I think I can safely speak for everyone on Buckeye Current in saying that we are incredibly honored to be given the Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award. It's unbelievable to me to think that we only started 6 years ago as a small group of students trying to scrounge up money and sponsorships wherever we could, and now we're being recognized for the incredible industry relationships we've created and sustained,” said Alex Miller, operations lead and Aerospace Engineering student.  “From multi-year long technical projects that encompass upgrading many of our motorcycle's capabilities to simply the amount of funding we are able to raise to put towards our bikes, what we've been able to accomplish with the support of our sponsors and industry contacts has been truly amazing.”

Of the 120 student organizations in the College of Engineering and Knowlton School or Architecture, nine received recognition at this event.