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Formula Buckeye vehicle finds new home

The 2016 Formula Buckeye vehicle recently found a new home at the James A. Rhodes Conference Center at TRC. Previously displayed on Ohio State’s main campus in Scott Lab, the team made the decision to donate the vehicle to one of their sponsors as a thank you for their commitment and support of the team.

“TRC is a major supporter of the Formula Buckeyes and all the Ohio State Student Motorsports teams.  Access to the TRC test facilities is a key competitive advantage for the Formula Buckeyes that the team greatly values.  With TRC’s new conference center open, the opportunity to display our car was a win for the team, the College of Engineering, and TRC. This display will be one of the first things new visitors and customers to TRC will see, and we hope it will help TRC communicate the wide variety of testing that they support every day,” said team advisor, Jeff Chrstos.

TRC welcomes the vehicle and is excited to have it on display.

"We are pleased the team has shared the 2016 Formula Buckeye race car with TRC.  We have supported the Motorsports programs for many years with our test track and facilities and are excited about expanding our engagement with Ohio State faculty, student and staff. Their innovative research continues to lead on the race tracks, in laboratories and within companies throughout the world.  The race car is a fitting display near the new Ohio State lab space within the James A. Rhodes Conference Center," said Brett Roubinek, president and CEO at TRC

Moving forward, the team hopes to make donating vehicles to its sponsor’s common practice.

"Having our sponsors display our vehicles is one way we would like to say thank you for all they have done to support us. We could not do what we do without their support and we wouldn't be here without them. Our sponsors do a lot of cool and exciting things for us and we want to show our appreciation as much as possible. We feel displaying a car they helped the team build is one of the best 'thank you’s’ we can give and we hope to give that opportunity to as many sponsors as possible heading into the future," said Formula team member, Jakob Madgar.

If you would like to make a gift to the Formula Buckeye team, click here.

The Formula Buckeye car on display in the TRC Conference CenterThe Formula Buckeye car on display in the TRC Conference Center