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From CAR to COTA

Joanna PinkertonJoanna PinkertonAs President/CEO of COTA, Joanna Pinkerton is responsible for leading the transit authority which is responsible for serving more than 1.2 million residents in a 560 square mile area of Central Ohio.

“Working alongside my team, we are investigating the utilization of data, emerging technologies and potential partnerships which could allow us to reach more residents, provide enhanced services and invest in economically and environmentally sustainable ways of moving more people,” said Pinkerton.

“With COTA’s involvement in many recent Central Ohio initiatives, we continue to be watched as a leader in how mobility will evolve in the future.  

Pinkerton has spent a majority of her career in transportation as chief operating officer at TRC Inc., co-director of the Honda - Ohio State Partnership and senior associate director of CAR. Pinkerton says those experiences helped her further develop a broad understanding of the mobility landscape in the United States and around the globe. 

“Transportation is one of the most vital functions for a vibrant economy and healthy citizens, and the entire mobility industry has evolved to a very sophisticated level over the last 100 years in the United States,” says Pinkerton. “Understanding the trends in everything from automotive, to manufacturing, product development, infrastructure funding, policy, government and private funding streams, city and regional planning has helped me understand where the opportunities exist to tie functions together for a more cohesive, integrated intelligent transportation system.”

CAR is looking forward to working with Pinkerton in her new role. COTA and CAR both work with many of the same suppliers which will allow for opportunities to engage in conversations about products as well as technological training, education and workforce development opportunities for both organizations associates.