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Grad Student Receives Scholarship for His Work in Cybersecurity

Matt AppelMatt AppelMatt Appel, a graduate research associate in the CyberSecurity@CAR Lab has been awarded the National Motor Freight Traffic Association Heavy Vehicle Cyber Security Scholarship (NMFTA HVCS) for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years.

The $5000 per year scholarship is presented to two students pursing their master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

“The money received from the scholarship will be used to help support my education as well as the continued progress of the CyberSecurity@CAR Lab which, in turn, will help support my career and those students that come after me,” said Appel.

Appel, a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering plans to pursue a career in the transportation industry following graduation. 

“Once in the transportation industry, I plan to use what I have learned in the Lab to positively impact cyber-informed engineering design and offensive security measures that can be used to create a safer more secure industry in the future,” said Appel. “Transportation effects the lives of every person, directly and/or indirectly. The positive impact that can be achieved through the work we do at CAR is why I am so passionate about what I do and hope to continue for many years to come.”

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) is a nonprofit membership organization headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. Its membership is comprised of motor carriers operating in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce.