Giorgio Rizzoni recognized with College of Engineering Faculty Mentoring Award

Posted: March 19, 2021
Giorgio Rizzoni

Congratulations to Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Director, Giorgio Rizzoni who has been awarded the Faculty Mentoring Award by The Ohio State University College of Engineering. The award recognizes Professor Rizzoni’s role as a mentor to young and new faculty in the areas of teaching, research, advising students, industrial collaborations, seeking funding and professional growth.  

Throughout his 31 years at Ohio State as Director of CAR and Professor in the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace (MAE) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Rizzoni has mentored some 20 faculty members across multiple academic departments and two colleges.

“Professor Rizzoni has been providing me with invaluable perspective regarding high level strategic decisions,” said Assistant Professor Stephanie Stockar. “As junior faculty, I need to be deliberate in selecting projects and collaborations that can bring the most to my research group. Professor Rizzoni has always been an irreplaceable source for guidance in this respect.”

 “When I chose to pursue teaching along with my research, Professor Rizzoni guided and encouraged me to create a healthy teaching profile in both ECE and MAE,” said Research Associate Professor, Qadeer Ahmed. “Additionally, he has provided mentorship to better manage my team and supervise graduate students and post docs. I have inherited a great deal of my working style from Professor Rizzoni’s mentorship.”

According to his award nomination, Rizzoni’s mentorship has led his mentees to be better educators, better scholars/researchers and better members of the academic community at The Ohio State University as they continue to progress in their careers under his guidance.

“Recruiting young researchers and providing support as they launch their academic careers is not only an important responsibility for senior faculty, but also a distinct pleasure, as the satisfaction of seeing our younger colleagues succeed is one of our greatest rewards,” said Rizzoni. “Part of the mission of senior faculty leaders is to ensure a bright future for our departments, and for the college and university – our role in mentoring young faculty is a key element of our future success.”


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