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Research Associate Professor, Keith Redmill Recognized with Lumley Research Award

Keith Redmill

Keith Redmill, a research associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), was awarded the College of Engineering’s Lumley Research Award for his work focusing on intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles and mobile robots, advanced safety and driver assistance systems, and the control, sensing, and communication technologies that make those systems possible.

This award is presented annually and recognizes faculty who have demonstrated significant research contributions and productivity over the last five years.

According to his award nomination, vehicle automation technologies and the safety, reliability, security and social impact of their application are extremely active research areas, both in industry and academic research groups, which require strong interdisciplinary collaborations.  Pedestrian modeling specifically directed to understanding the interactions between vehicles and pedestrians in traffic scenarios is an emerging area in which Redmill’s group has made leading contributions.

“I deeply appreciate the recognition of my activities through the College's Lumley Research Award, and all the students, faculty and research staff who have been my collaborators and mentors through the years.  It has been both challenging and exciting to be able to work in these areas," said Redmill.

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