CAR provides continuing education opportunities for Stellantis engineers

Posted: September 8, 2021
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CAR has recently partnered with Stellantis to upskill powertrain engineers in the broad area of electrified vehicles through online short courses and research-based modules.

Stellantis (then Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) first participated in the CAR Continuing Education Certificate program in 2016 with its Latin American division in Brazil. In 2018, the automaker’s North American group joined the certificate program and continues to participate today.

Participation in the newest one-year program, with subjects that include batteries, motors and power electronics, is more than double the initial expectations, Stellantis reports.

One unique aspect of the program is the live office hours with course instructors, made up of CAR faculty and researchers. This gives Stellantis engineers the opportunity to answer questions and discuss topics relevant to the course.

“The opportunity to benefit from direct interaction with instructors is very rare in the current offering of online learning tools, which are mostly based on self-paced instruction via pre-recorded videos,” said Marcello Canova, associate director for Graduate and Continuing Education. “We are excited to have direct interaction with Stellantis engineers, provide personalized assistance and assist them in utilizing the course material towards their learning and professional objectives.”

Since 2016, Stellantis/FCA engineers have completed more than 40 certificates and more than 50 engineers have taken CAR courses and seminars.

The CAR Continuing Education program offers a range of educational tools that fit diverse training and professional education needs, and leverages the existing research and continuing education relationship between Ohio State and industry. For more information on CAR Continuing Education, click here.

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