Student Spotlight on Shaghayegh Shahcheraghi


After receiving her bachelor’s at Shiraz University in Iran and her master’s from the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, PhD student Shaghayegh Shahcheraghi is now in Columbus pursuing her PhD working on various positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) projects. 

Shahcheraghi works on navigation using Signals of Opportunities (SoPs) such as cellular SoPs and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite SoPs. She has had her work published in ION GNSS 2023, the world’s largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services. Additionally, she assisted with a project related to aircraft navigation using long term evolution (LTE) cellular SoPs, leading to a paper published in IEEE/ION Position, Location, and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) 2023. Shaghayegh mentioned that all the projects are the outcome of teamwork, and she says, "I would like to thank my teammates for their dedication and great collaboration throughout our journey together."

Shahcheraghi said she enjoys the experimental nature of this work. She says, “It was very interesting to me to learn how to collect data from the satellites and then process it. I learned how to do signal processing and then use those signals to navigate or localize a receiver. I like that everything can be done from scratch in the lab. If we learn all the necessary skills, we can do these things ourselves.”

Shahcheraghi is supervised by Professor Zak Kassas, the Director of the U.S. Department of Transportation University Transportation Center CARMEN (Center for Automated Vehicles Research with Multimodal AssurEd Navigation). Kassas has only good things to say about Shahcheraghi, saying “Her hard work, creativity, and dedication make her an ideal role model for PhD students to follow. On a personal level, she is fearless, calm and friendly. On a professional level, she manages to lead her own project, while being a team player who can collaborate with other students to successfully complete their joint project. On an academic level, she has taken two of my courses and has consistently ranked as the top student.”

She would like to express her appreciation to Professor Kassas for his unwavering support and guidance throughout her studies. His mentorship has been instrumental in her PhD journey.

Written by Cassie Forsha, CAR writing intern

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