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Educating Policymakers

The Center for Automotive Research lies at the heart of a national leader in the automotive industry: the State of Ohio. In 2012, 1.4 million vehicles were produced within Ohio’s borders. Additionally, as reported by JobsOhio, major manufacturers Honda of America Manufacturing Inc., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Company have invested hundreds of millions in new capital investment in the state. The impact is further multiplied by the extensive network of Tier 1 suppliers and after-market component producers whom are becoming increasingly more involved in product development with the automotive manufacturers. The presence of this industry has yielded billions in the state with their world-class vehicle production as a result.

With its central location and wealth of resources, CAR is at the helm of the most cutting-edge automotive developments. As the center conducts research in response to industry trends and needs, government officials of all levels seek its insight on the most current automotive and energy issues. As policymakers of local, regional, state and federal constituencies tour CAR’s facilities, they gain a better understanding of how industry trends can inform their regions’ policies—particularly in the areas of transportation and sustainability.

As a result of its involvement in energy and safety efforts, CAR is more than attuned to the latest industry trends and policy decisions—it has an active role in shaping what’s happening. As tomorrow’s mobility will be strongly affected by energy and environmental demands, safety, information and communication systems, and lifestyle consumer choices, researchers at the center strive to form solutions in response to an enormous range of constantly evolving factors. While they have an innovative hand in areas such as fuel efficiency, electric vehicles and autonomous systems, CAR engineers focus their research on technologies that will impact future product development and legislative policies.

Lawmakers who glean their industry knowledge from the Center for Automotive Research are granted an up-close view of the most current and impactful industry trends. As such, they are assured that they can approach their decision-making processes with knowledge of the most relevant developments in the transportation and energy industry.