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Junbo Jing

  • 1330 Kinnear Rd
    Columbus, OH 43212


Research Interests

Optimal Control, Model Predictive Control, Vehicle Fuel-Optimal Control, Vehicle Powertrain Modeling and Control, Vehicle Speed Prediction, Energy Efficient Intersection Mangement, Vehicle Speed Control under Autonomy and Connectivity


Prof. Umit Ozguner


  • Jing, J., Filev, D., Kurt, A., Özatay, E., Michelini, J., & Özgüner, Ü. (2017, June). Vehicle speed prediction using a cooperative method of fuzzy Markov model and auto-regressive model. In Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 2017 IEEE (pp. 881-886). IEEE.

  • Jing, J., Özatay, E., Kurt, A., Michelini, J., Filev, D., & Özgüner, Ü. (2016, December). Design of a fuel economy oriented vehicle longitudinal speed controller with optimal gear sequence. In Decision and Control (CDC), 2016 IEEE 55th Conference on (pp. 1595-1601). IEEE.

  • Jing, J., Kurt, A., Ozatay, E., Michelini, J., Filev, D., & Ozguner, U. (2015, September). Vehicle speed prediction in a convoy using v2v communication. In Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on(pp. 2861-2868). IEEE.

  • Santin, O., Beran, J., Pekar, J., Michelini, Jing, J., Szwabowski, S., Mohan, S., Filev, D. & Ozguner, U. (2018). On the Robustness of Adaptive Nonlinear Model Predictive Cruise Control. SAE Technical Paper.

  • Santin, O., Beran, J., Pekar, J., Michelini, Jing, J., Szwabowski, S., & Filev, D. (2017). Adaptive Nonlinear Model Predictive Cruise Controller: Trailer Tow Use Case (No. 2017-01-0090). SAE Technical Paper.

  • Fredette, D., Jing, J., & Ozguner, U. (2015, October). Intelligent Vehicle Fuel Saving Technologies: Comparing Three Primary Categories of Methods. In ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (pp. V002T31A003-V002T31A003). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

  • Jing, J. (2014). Vehicle fuel consumption optimization using model predictive control based on V2V communication (Master dissertation, The Ohio State University).

Previous Education 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2013

The Ohio State University, M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2014


Shanghai, China


Cars, Car Reviews, Car Driving, Car Mods.  (Yes I'm single minded to cars.)