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Tianpei Li

  • Graduate Research Associate, Cntr for Automotive Research
  • 930 Kinnear Rd
    Columbus, OH 43212


Research Interests

Fault Diagnosis, Fault Tolerant Control, Functional Safety


Giorgio Rizzoni


[1] Li T, Ahmed Q, Rizzoni G, Meyer J, Boesch M, Badreddine B. Motor Resolver Fault Propagation Analysis for Electrified Powertrain, accepted in ASME 2017 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference.

[2] Zhang, J., Li, T., Amodio, A., Aksun-Guvenc, B., & Rizzoni, G. (2016, June). Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for electrified vehicle torque security. In Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), 2016 IEEE (pp. 1-7). IEEE.

Previous Education 

Hefei University of Technology, B.S. in Automotive Engineering, 2014


Hefei, Anhui, China

Hobbies/Personal Interests

Basketball, Chinese calligraphy