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Punit Tulpule

  • Research Associate 1-Engineer, SIMCenter
  • Room #2132
    174 West 18th Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


Research Interests

  1. Modeling, control, diagnosis and prognosis of dynamical systems, particularly automotive transportation systems.
  2. Autonomous vehicles modeling and control
  3. Systems engineering


2008: Junior Research Fellowship – CSIR/UGC

2014:  Research Excellence Award – Iowa State University

Selected Publications

Chang, C. Y., Tulpule, P., Rizzoni, G., Zhang, W., & Du, X. (2017). A probabilistic approach for prognosis of battery pack aging. Journal of Power Sources, 347, 57-68.

Tulpule, P., Rezaeian A., Karumanchi, A., Midlam-Mohler, S., (2017), Model Based Design and Hardware in the Loop validation: A new course development, American Control Conference, IEEE

Tulpule, P., Chang, C. Y., & Rizzoni, G. (2016, October). Li-ion cell aging model online parameter estimation for improved prognosis. In Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC), ASME.

Tulpule, P. J., & Kelkar, A. G. (2014). Integrated Robust Optimal Design Using Bilinear Matrix Inequality Approach Via Sensitivity Minimization. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 136(3), 031012.

Hegde, B., Midlam-Mohler, S., & Tulpule, P. J. (2015, October). Thermal Model of Fuse Dynamics for Simulation Under Intermittent DC Faults. In ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (pp. V002T34A008-V002T34A008). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Papers in Proceedings


  • Tulpule, P.; Kelkar, A. "Integrated robust optimal design (IROD) of header height control system for combine harvester." (1 2014).