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Advanced Vehicle Safety

Researchers at the Center for Automotive Research are guided by their goal to make vehicles safer.  As they strive to ensure drivers avoid accidents, CAR engineers assist in designing better active safety systems, in addition to advanced driver assistance systems. Other topics of research exploration include: lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, rollover warning, propensity, and mitigation, yaw stability, electronic stability control, vehicle active safety, adaptive cruise control, collision warning and avoidance, automated parking, night vision, overtake assistance, pedestrian detection and warning, and vulnerable road user detection and warning.

CAR works closely with industry leaders to develop impactful safety solutions, some of which have been used in production vehicles. In collaboration with its partners, the center develops related patents, and proceeds to build and test these systems with loop hardware and software and road examinations. With collaborative support and numerous resources, CAR generates control systems that are ready for practice.