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CAR specializes in the following areas related to electrification:

  • Energy storage
    • Materials and cell development: Material synthesis and characterization/pouch cell fabrication
    • Cell, module and pack performance benchmarking and characterization
    • Model development: Electrical, thermal and degradation modelling
    • Control development: Diagnostics and failure prediction (SOC, SOH)
    • Battery prototype design and fabrication
    • Battery management systems (BMS): System integration
  • Hybrid and electric powertrain
    • Modeling and design optimization of electrified powertrains
    • Optimal energy management of electrified powertrain
    • Development and demonstration of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • EV charging and grid interaction
  • Electric machine design


Labs and Facilities

Energy Storage LabsEnergy Storage LabsHeavy Duty Chassis DynoLight Duty Chassis Dyno

Affiliated Projects

EcoCAR Student Projects TeamEcoCAR Student Projects TeamBuckeye Current Student Projects TeamVenturi Buckeye Bullet Student Projects TeamNASA University Leadership InitiativeCERC TruckCERC Truck

Faculty and Researchers

Research Associate Professor Qadeer AhmedResearch Associate Professor Qadeer AhmedAssistant Professor Jung-Hyun KimProfessor Giorgio RizzoniProfessor Giorgio Rizzoni
Marcello CanovaAssociate Professor Marcello CanovaCG Cantemir, Research ScientistResearch Scientist, CG Cantemir
Research Scientist Matilde D'ArpinoLead Engineer Prashanth RamestBJ YurkovichResearch Specialist BJ Yurkovich