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Propulsion and Systems Control

CAR specializes in the following areas related to propulsion systems and control:

  • Internal combustion engines thermofluids and combustion
  • IC engine design and experimentation
  • Turbochargers: Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, acoustics
  • Electrified propulsion systems
  • IC engine modeling and control
  • Modeling control and system diagnostics
  • Thermal and energy management
  • Vehicle emissions


Labs and Facilities

Engine dynamometer test cells Engine dynamometer test cells (4) Heavy Duty Chassis DynoLight Duty Chassis Dynoturborcharger labTurbocharger Lab

Affiliated Projects

EcoCAR Student Projects TeamEcoCAR Student Projects TeamBuckeye Current Student Projects TeamVenturi Buckeye Bullet Formula BuckeyesFormula BuckeyesBaja BuckeyesBaja BuckeyesCERC TruckCERC TruckARPA-E NEXTCAR

Faculty and Researchers

Research Associate Professor Qadeer AhmedResearch Associate Professor Qadeer AhmedProfessor Giorgio RizzoniProfessor Giorgio Rizzoni
Marcello CanovaAssociate Professor Marcello CanovaCG Cantemir, Research Scientist Research Scientist CG Cantemir
Research Scientist Matilde D'ArpinoProfessor Ahmet SelametProfessor Ahmet SelametAssistant Professor Stephanie StockarAssistant Professor Stephanie StockarProfessor-Clinical, Shawn Midlam-MohlerProfessor of Practice Shawn Midlam-Mohler