Smart Cities

In 2016 Columbus competed against 77 cities nationwide to win the Smart City Challenge. With $40 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation and $10 million from Vulcan, Inc., a Paul G. Allen Company, the city won a very important job. To:

  •    Improve people’s quality of life 
  •    Drive growth in the economy 
  •    Provide better access to jobs and ladders of opportunity 
  •    Become a world-class logistics leader 
  •    Foster sustainability


Mobility Solutions for US

Ohio State is the primary research partner on the proposal for the Smart City grant and the Center for Automotive Research is invested in the optimization of mobility in order to create easier, safer, cleaner methods of transportation. CAR engineers’ notion of smarter urban transport includes access to any and all types of transportation, and includes a special focus on using smart mobility to improve the lives of all of us.

Columbus has received funding from the federal government to implement bold, data-driven ideas that make transportation safer, easier and more reliable. Some of these innovations include:

  • The expanded use of smart and electric vehicles
  • Technology solutions to address obstacles that low-income residents face in using transportation
  • The development of smart corridors to improve transit service and efficiency
  • Enhanced quality and timeliness of traffic condition data along with a routing app for trucks to improve movement and delivery of freight
  • Real time information about traffic and parking conditions to minimize impacts associated with major events or incidents.

To learn more about the Smart Columbus Project, click here.

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