Smart Mobility

Engineers at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) have developed solutions that encompass a range of smart mobility factors including:

  • Vehicle autonomy
  • Cyber security
  • Connected vehicles
  • Mobility services
  • Deployment and demonstration.

With an Ohio State-designed and built fleet of connected and automated vehicles on hand, access to proving grounds, Smart Corridor (Route 33) and the Transportation Research Center which tests each technology under real-world conditions, CAR researchers take their theoretical understanding of automotive safety to the next level.

Automobiles have become interactive electronic systems that constantly interface with the world outside the vehicle; individual cars are no longer contained entities. In the face of these social implications, CAR partners with industry-experienced researchers from areas across the university.

CAR’s ability to collaborate and connect the expertise of multiple faculty and researchers is the differentiating factor that allows us to be the leader in smart mobility.

In their support of smart mobility, researchers at CAR strive to find solutions that safely, efficiently and effectively move people and goods around the world.

Affiliated Faculty