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Sustainable Mobility

Because sustainability concerns itself with not only a vehicle, but the world surrounding the vehicle, CAR incorporates business decisions, policies and regard for the natural environment in its research efforts. The center’s engineers consider questions that analyze whether legal and regulatory incentives can serve as barriers to technological developments, and how, in turn, technology can affect these barriers. By tapping into expert thought from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, CAR accounts for social cost in the sustainability conversation. By striving to bridge the gap between engineering and policy communities, CAR helps to define what sustainability means to our world today.

Researchers at the Center for Automotive Research explore a range of technological possibilities as they strive toward a higher standard of environmental consciousness, and their research reflects this. By looking toward a horizon of smart cities, vehicle-to-building interactions and alternative fuel methods, CAR engineers facilitate research endeavors that will only bring the world closer to a sustainable future.

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