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Smart Cities

Engineers at the Center for Automotive Research have concerned themselves with a new worldwide research endeavor: the development of smart cities. Among other projects, through its participation in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Global City Teams Challenge, CAR has channeled its academic and industry expertise toward the development of life-enhancing transportation methods.

Smart cities are distinguished by their interconnectivity. By transferring data between people and devices across standard interfaces, these metropolises emphasize information. In order to create these smart environments, researchers require in-depth knowledge on energy consumption, usability and availability of resources and user behavior habits. It is with this information that developers are then able to plan, support and operate the functions required to make a smart city successful.

The highly connected nature of today’s society has contributed to how truly realistic smart cities are. Moving forward, researchers aim to develop common interfaces in which these interactions can take place. Ultimately, it is their aim to have all platforms interacting with each other.

The Center for Automotive Research is invested in the creation of public transformation methods that capitalize on this connectivity, to optimize efficiency. CAR engineers’ notion of smarter urban transport includes access to any and all types of transportation, and includes a special focus on the real issue of addressing the needs of an aging population.

CAR’s proposed smart city solutions include on-demand automated shuttles (which can increase efficiency in traffic-dense areas), collision avoidance, environmentally conscious efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and social acceptance of automated vehicles. CAR researchers work with a number of architects and civil engineers to implement their goals, and their work has contributed to operations conducted by Nationwide Insurance, the City of Columbus, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and the state of Ohio.