Energy Storage Research

Energy Storage Research

battery lab research

CAR has been actively involved in the research of electrochemical energy storage systems

Material Research

  • Advanced material synthesis (e.g., electrode active materials, binders, electrolytes)
  • In-situ characterization of electrode/electrolyte interfaces
  • All solid-state battery materials and devices
  • Pouch cell fabrication and post-mortem analysis
  • Collaborate with Energy Innovation Laboratory to design and synthesize advanced functional materials for high-energy batteries


  • CAR has a deep background in battery modelling addressing multiple areas
  • Expertise in developing a suite of integrated electro-thermal models
    • Electrical models
      • Physics-based model: First-principle electrochemical models that capture the physical and electrochemical phenomena: Diffusion, kinetics, etc. Examples of models developed: ESPM, DFN, etc
      • Empirical model: Computationally effective models represented through electrical circuit components.
    • Thermal models
      • Models capable of predicting thermal response of individual cells or battery packs.
      • Lumped models and discretized model that capture the surface distribution of large format cells.
      • Modelling and validation of thermal management system.
    • Degradation models
      • Expertise in modelling the aging of batteries caused by chemical and mechanical degradation mechanisms
      • Physics-based models: Loss of active material, SEI, Plating, etc integrated into electrochemical models
      • Empirical models: Data driven battery life prediction tools

Control Algorithm

  • Developing control methods for cell to system level applications
    • Diagnosis and prognosis of battery based on usage and life. Research in areas of reliability, system diagnostics and failure prediction
    • Control algorithms for State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimation for real-time implementation
    • Balancing, control and power management methods for battery management systems.
    • Design space exploration, system sizing, etc for x-Ev applications

System Integration

  • Research in system integration of energy storage systems in traction and stationary applications.
  • Analysis and evaluation of second-life usage of battery packs: Extend life of automotive battery packs through secondary applications
  • Energy storage for electric grid: Evaluating applications such as power regulation, charge management and stability