Technology Takes the Wheel: Smart Roads Ahead Part 2

Our cars are getting smarter, but what about our roads? Join CAR, AAA Ohio, Columbus State Community College, TRC, Smart Columbus and DriveOhio for a FREE two-part webinar series that will take you through the research, planning and implementation of smart roads. 

Our cars are getting smarter and smarter, but what about the roads we drive on every day? While challenges remain, researchers and developers are taking steps to make roads safer and more efficient with technology that can actually communicate with our vehicles. This event will take you through the development of smarter roads both nationally and in central Ohio.

• Megan Foster, Director of Federal Relations, AAA National
• Andrew Wolpert, Project Manager, Smart Columbus, City of Columbus
• Doug McCullough, City of Dublin
• Sue Bai, Chief Engineer, Manager, Honda R&D Americas, LLC

• Luke Stedke, Managing Director, Communications and Policy at DriveOhio

Technology Takes the Wheel® is a free, educational seminar series that explores autonomous vehicles and their societal impacts.