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Undergraduate students present at Denman, showcase work done at CAR

A total of six undergraduate students from CAR are presenting at the 2013 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, March 28. The students have spent the last several months working on projects with faculty from CAR--projects range from battery aging to transmissions.

Mechanical engineering student Cassandra Carr has researched heat generation in aged and non-aged batteries for use in vehicle applications. Her work involves characterizing lithium ion battery cells at various charge/discharge rates and temperatures. The project aims to monitor the heat output of the batteries to prevent "hot spots" which can shorten their lifespans. "The experience that I have been given through research at CAR has allowed me to apply thermodynamic principles learned in class to real life scenarios and developed my ability to work on an independent project. I am very thankful for this opportunity and the mentorship I have received," says Carr. Her advisor is Marcello Canova, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

Cassandra Carr conducts an experiment on a battery cell at CAR.Another project focuses on automating a manual vehicle transmission. Gaurav Krishnaraj, mechanical engineering student and member of the OSU EcoCAR 2 team, has completed detail work needed to optimize a reliable lightweight automated transmission. He has studied the paramaters of the actuators that automate the transmission to gauge and improve their efficiency. Efficiencies in actuators translates into overall electric motor efficiency. Gaurav's advisor is Shawn Midlam-Mohler, assistant professor of practice in mechanical engineering.

Aside from honing research technique, students involved in projects often have the opportunity to directly collaborate with industry members and industry-driven programs, learning high-demand skills. Gaurav describes such opportunities, "Working with the EcoCAR team for 4 years has been the most rewarding part of my undergraduate experience. It has helped me gain hands on experience as well problem solving skills."

The 18th annual Denman Forum is scheduled for Thursday, March 28th in the Recreation Physical and Activity Center (RPAC). The university community and the public are invited to visit with more than 700 students who will be presenting their work and competing for awards.

Gaurav Krishnaraj works on his project to automate a manual transmission.Outstanding work done at CAR is represented by the following students presenting at this year's Denman:

Cassandra Carr, Mechanical Engineering
Characterization of Heat Generation in Aged and Non-Aged Batteries for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid  Electric Vehicle Application
Advisor: Marcello Canova

Luke DeBruin, Mechanical Engineering
Energy and Feasibility Analysis of Gasoline Engine Start/Stop Technology
Advisor: Marcello Canova

Bo Jiang, Mechanical Engineering
From Electrode Materials to a Dynamic Model of Li-Ion Cells
Advisor: Giorgio Rizzoni

Gaurav Krishnaraj, Mechanical Engineering
Finding the Clutch Actuator Parameters in Order to Automate a Manual Transmission (AMT)
Advisor: Shawn Midlam-Mohler

Andrew Spiegel, Mechanical Engineering
Reducing Transient Fueling Cold Start Emissions in an Alternative Fueled Engine
Advisor: Shawn Midlam-Mohler

Jason Ward, Mechanical Engineering
Reduction of Startup Emissions for an Alternative Fueled Engine Using Fuel Enrichment
Advisor: Shawn Midlam-Mohler


About  Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum was created in 1996 and is a cooperative effort of the Undergraduate Research Office, the University Honors & Scholars Center, and the Office of Research. The Forum is an opportunity to showcase outstanding student research and encourage all undergraduates to participate in research as a value-added element of their education.

Mr. and Mrs. Denman are long-time members of The Ohio State University community and also have established a Professorship for Clinical Research in Epilepsy. In addition, both are Inaugural Members of The Oval Society, established in 2010. Mr. Denman served as an Ohio State University Foundation Board Director (1985-2003) and is now an emeritus member of the Board, as well as a lifetime member of the President’s Club, The Ohio State Alumni Association, and the College of Medicine’s Order of Hippocrates. In 1996, the University presented him with a Distinguished Service Award.