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EcoCAR 2 year 2 finals: Final results!

Friends of EcoCAR 2,

Well, in spite of the rear drivetrain failure that prevented our team from completing all the dynamic events in Yuma, the EcoCAR2 Buckeyes gave everything they had in San Diego and ended up with first place finishes in the Business and Electrical categories; second place in Controls (a fraction of a point from first), Communications, Mathworks Model Based Design; and third place in Mechanical, again only a fraction of a point from second.  And, one more time, OSU received the Women in Engineering Award, recognizing MJ Yatsko for her many accomplishments.

The points accumulated in the presentations in San Diego, along with the many pre-competition events, including the best technical report and best progress reports and the best modeling and simulation presentation at the Winter Workshop, added up to a third place finish, behind Penn State and Cal State LA, and ahead of Washington, Mississippi State and Virginia Tech.  

The team received a total of $21,000 in prize money – a good start for Year 3 of the competition, which will take place at TRC, in East Liberty, Ohio, at the GM Milford Proving Ground in Michigan, and in Washington, DC.

The list of awards received by the team follows – this is by far the most awards received by any team at the competition!

Ecocar 2 Year 2 Awards:

Pre-competition awards:
Best technical report
Best progress reports
Best business plan
Best business sponsorship pitch
Best business results report
Best collaboration with Clean cities
2nd place, video skit
Best winter workshop modeling and simulation presentation

Total precompetition $7,000

Final awards:
Mathworks modeling award, 2nd place $500
Communications program 2nd place $2,000
Best business presentation, $750
Business Program, first place, $3000
Best electrical presentation, $750
Women in Engineering Award, MJ Yatsko, $1,000

Total, $15,000

6th VaTech
5th Miss State
4th Washington
3rd OSU $6,000
1st Penn State

Total 21,000

Be proud of our Buckeyes!

Go Bucks!

Giorgio Rizzoni